Nursery Wallpaper

Rachie B Wallpaper makes choosing your Nursery Wallpaper great fun. Whether you are preparing for a new arrival or refreshing your Nursery or Playroom, Rachie B Nursery Wallpaper Designs can add something very special to your home.

Along the Beach Wallpaper Mural

Along the Beach Nursery Wallpaper


Personalised Nursery Wallpaper

All of our wallpaper designs are totally bespoke and printed to the exact size and specifications of your walls.  You can have your little one’s name printed onto your wallpaper or even a favourite family motto which makes your Nursery design extra special.


Woodland Scene Nursery Wallpaper

Woodland Scene with Personalised Swing


Artistic Designs

Artists create all of our Nursery Wallpaper. Timeless images have been created so your child can grow with a range of Nursery Wallpapers. Our Nursery Wallpaper can also be Educational. Our Woodland Scene brings nature into your nursery. The bright and colourful Nursery Rhyme Theme brings characters from our own childhood alive and we can have fun teaching and singing these traditional songs to our children. In fact babies can see bright colours and visual patters from the earliest age, which makes Rachie B Murals ideal for their stimulation.


Nursery Rhyme Nursery Wallpaper

All their favourite characters

Nursery Rhyme Character Scene

Beautiful calming whimsical colours of our Nursery Wallpaper promotes tranquillity and you can tell so many stories to your little ones just by looking at the characters and bringing both yours and their imaginations to life. While looking at their nursery wallpaper you can sing to them and when they are older they can sing with you. It gives you the perfect backdrop for special family times!


Fairy Tea Party Wallpaper

Fairy Tea Party Nursery Wallpaper

Wanting something Different?

Choosing Rachie B Nursery Wallpapers provides something unique to your family. We created Rachie B Wallpapers, as our aim was to create something different than the bog standard repeat pattern. Rachie B promotes imagination. Rachie B wanted each wall to tell a story and for our children to connect to the dreams they have to reality in their rooms. Our lives are full of conformity but for children we strongly believe that nurturing their creativity is the beginning of their own personalities.

Bespoke Design

If you have a particular Nursery Wallpaper that you have in mind, contact Rachie B Wallpapers and we can help make you and your children’s dream a reality.


Rachie B at home with Lonie

At home with Rachie B and her youngest daughter, Lonie


Children of All Ages

As your little bundles of joy grow, we have a large range of children’s Murals to suit all ages. You can create your own Rugby or Football Fantasy Team, An Underwater Theme, the choice is yours!


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