This World Map Wallpaper Mural printed with the Pimblet’s dream destinations has made such an impact on their family who love to chat about where they would like to go next!  Printed made to measure and in pastel muted colours to match their decor has been such a success for the globe trotting family.


This cold winter weather has made us all think about warm sunny weather and also redecorating tired walls gives us all a new lease of life.  Rachie B is very happy to create a wallpaper mural of your choice, just give us a call to chat about your requirements, we are always happy to help.  Our aim is to make decorating your home a personalised, easy and enjoyable project and we are always on hand to give you advice.  This World Map Wallpaper Mural is ideal for all ages.


Contact Rachie B if you have special requests on making your walls special to your family.  Printed on quality wallpaper to your measurements, making redecorating as easy as A B C.