This exciting and atmospheric New Superhero City Wallpaper Mural has been a real hit with the young Superhero’s at Rachie B.  Designed for a little man who dreamt of being a Superhero, but also for his Mum who wanted to alter the pictures to fit in with who was hero No.1 at the time, this new Superhero City Wallpaper Mural ticks all the boxes.


The new Gotham City

Exciting new City scene for a Super hero dreaming of where he will conquer next.

Superhero City Mural wallpaper

What a fabulous transformation of this little boy’s room,  and we think that his Mum has also done a terrific job at adding the finishing touches to create such an exciting place for a young boy to hang out with his friends and chat about what Superhero has saved the day.


In muted colours this Superhero City Wallpaper has really made such a dramatic touch to a bedroom that will also “grow” with this little man for years.  Please call Rachie B or contact her on to discuss your dream room, and we will be delighted to help.